What is LocateYourCare?

LocateYourCare is your on-demand healthcare app. We connect you directly to a healthcare provider when and where you need it, offering upfront pricing. You’ll know exactly what you are getting, and at what cost, before you have even left the house! The convenience and transparency of the LocateYourCare app is revolutionizing how people shop, manage, and consume healthcare.


  • Easy access to healthcare when and where they need it

  • Transparency upfront service description and cost

  • Peace of mind knowing that all LYC providers are highly rated and peer-reviewed

  • Familiar technology and a simple, user friendly interface


  • Increased access to cash paying patients for free

  • Easy to use scheduling, booking, and payment capability

  • Enhanced productivity through use of our data analytics

LocateYourCare is a smart solution to a big problem. The real-time digital healthcare mobile platform was founded by three business school friends, Keith Dickey, Faton Gjuka and Charlie Hajzus. They teamed up when Keith, with a high-deductible health insurance plan, was unable to find a reasonably-priced doctor he could trust, with appointment times that suited his busy schedule.

LocateYourCare is emerging as a key resource for wellness. First launched in Atlanta, the app is increasing its reach, growing quickly as a resource across three initial services: Dentistry, Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care. Additional services will be offered soon, along with expansion into more cities across the United States.

Your Service Options

More Services Coming Soon!

  • General Medicine
  • Acupuncture 

  • Nutrition & Dietary

  • Optometry

  • Cosmetic

  • Dermatology
  • Counseling
  • Personal Fitness
  • Pain Management
  • Allergy
  • Pediatric
  • Holistic Life Coaching
  • Audiology
  • Podiatry
  • Women’s Health

User Reviews

“10 times more simple”

“LYC makes booking health care appointments 10 times more simple than traditional methods.” – Monica Z, Newnan, GA

For busy people, on the go, LYC is a fast, easy and cheap way to book health care with doctors nearby.

Tracie H, Marietta, GA

LYC is the only app that allows you to book your elective healthcare from your mobile devise instantaneously and keeps you in control of location, price and appointment details.

Doug M, Sandy Springs, GA

Goodbye phone calls & waiting on-hold. Hello LYC.

Kevin W, Brookhaven, GA

Our Expanding Team

For those who are interested in joining the adventure, send us your resume.

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Yes, the app is free.

The app is completely free of charge.

Currently, the app is available only through the Apple store, downloadable on any iOS device. The Android app is under development.

Currently, the app is available only through the Apple store, downloadable on any iOS device. The Android app is coming soon.

It is a convenient way to help you find and book highest quality care in your area, that fits your schedule, no hidden fees and exceptional service. Simply download the app and select date, time and service … and we do the rest.

Upon downloading and the app, you create an account and wait for patient requests. Requests will ping your phone or you can monitor requests by opening the app. If a request fits your schedule, accept it and immediately the patient is notified of the match. Both provider and patient are sent appointment confirmation details via the app and via email with a calendar reminder. If a request doesn’t agree with your schedule, simply do not act, the request will expire, and be picked by another provider.

LocateYourCare encourages providers to build ongoing professional relationships with patients through outstanding service. We offer the Preferred Provider designation, where a patient can easily re-book a previous provider without requesting service from other providers.

LocateYourCare only onboards accredited, high quality providers that we have personally seen. In addition, you will be able to rate each visit. Only providers with consistent high rating are allowed to remain on our platform. You are an important factor in contributing to continued high quality provider community through provider rating. If your experience is unsatisfactory, for any reason, LYC will take all reasonable measures, including offering a full refund, to resolve the matter. 

Yes, patients will rank providers following each visit.

Yes, provider ratings are available to you. LocateYourCare closely monitors the quality of providers to ensure only those that meet our quality standards are allowed on the the platform.

Yes, we offer the Preferred Provider designation, where you can easily rebook a previous provider without requesting service from other providers. In fact, you can have multiple Preferred Providers, each solving a specific need for you.

If you do not offer a particular service than you just ignore that request. Another provider that meets that requirement will accept the request. In the near future, we will enhance the app where you will only see requests for the specific services you offer.

You can choose to leave the LocateYourCare whenever you want to. You could also have the app but not accept any requests. We offer a very flexible model. For additional detail, please refer to the Provider Agreement.

Currently you will not be able to use your insurance to pay for LocateYourCare visits. That is how we are able to provide value, convenience, transparency in both price (no hidden fees) and service, and the ability to manage care on your time. However, you are able to use your Flexible/Health Savings Plan (FSA/HSA).

As long as you are using the same Apple account, you can install the app on multiple devices.

Yes, you can cancel an appointment at any time. However, appointments cancelled within 48 hours of appointment time are subject to 50% fee and appointments cancelled within 1 hour of appointment time are subject to 100% fee.

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