What Is Maven?

Women’s on-demand digital health clinic.

This app provides a surplus of medical opportunities for all women, in the hopes of creating an easier, more attainable, and healthier relationship with women’s healthcare. Maven presents itself as a women’s digital health clinic, the motto is “Say goodbye to Dr. Google.” The app was founded based on the goal of making it easier for women to get immediate, professional care from someone they trust at the touch of a button—or swipe of a screen.

At its core, Maven believes in three tenets: “healthcare, at its best, is profoundly human,” “great care goes beyond just doctors,” and “better care for women is a social imperative.” Maven aims to make the responsibility of making health decisions for themselves and their families easier. The app lends itself to students and graduates, alike, and focuses care based on individual need.

How Does It Work?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…4:

  1. Book or browse
  2. Find a practitioner
  3. View their profile
  4. Select and confirm
  5. Launch appointment

The Maven team has a network of doctors, nurse practitioners, mental health providers, and specialists in all areas of women’s and children’s health. The app offers communication with these healthcare professionals via video appointments and private messaging.

What About Costs?

Appointments begin at $18, with the company’s aim being to provide affordable care for less than the price of a copay.

Any Other Perks?

Yes, plenty! Maven provides unlimited access to same-day video appointments with best doctors, nurse practitioners and mental health providers. Services are available on every campus in the United States.

P.S.: Maven also offers a specialized back-to-work program that helps companies retain female employees, especially at a key drop-point: during the first year of beginning a family. This tailored employee engagement program drives utilization throughout pregnancy, maternity leave, and the transition back to work.