LocateYourCare, headquartered in Atlanta, responded to the Red Cross’ call to action for blood donations in the greater Atlanta area. While onsite, LYC provided volunteers an overview of our technology, discussed the importance of elective and preventative care and the changing consumer behavior in healthcare.

A typical Atlanta winter brings a variety of weather patterns. While cloudy days and mild temperatures are the norm, a Southern winter can also bring city-halting freezing rain and snow. When severe weather hits, the number of local donations plummet as people opt to stay warm indoors and avoid traffic. With the cold comes an urgent need for blood donations.

The American Red Cross of Georgia serves 10 million people through a network of 9 chapters: Augusta Area, Central Midwest Georgia, Metropolitan Atlanta, Northeast Georgia, Northwest Georgia, South Georgia, Southeast & Coastal Georgia, Southwest Georgia and West Central Georgia. With the support of volunteers and donors, the American Red Cross focuses on turning heartbreak into hope.

If you’re interested in donating blood or platelets, visit Red Cross to locate a blood drive near you.