Say “Hello” to Dr. James Duga of Expression Chiropractic based in Decatur, Georgia. Dr. Duga’s LIFE University education and years of training prepared him for a successful chiropractic career. Prior to establishing his practice, Dr. Duga enjoyed a career as a Medieval Times performer. Extensive travel, constant performing and horse-back riding has enhanced his appreciation of the body’s ability to maintain physical activity.

LYC: How long, and where, have you been in practice?

I’ve been in practice since May 2013 in Decatur, Georgia.

LYC: You have such a welcoming office. How important was it for you to establish such a presence?

I helped design the entire office with the goal of making Expression Chiropractic feel warm and welcoming. I have many patients who are pregnant and I often treat children. It was important to create a comfortable space for them.

LYC: What inspired you to become a Chiropractor?

When I was 13, I attended a chiropractor’s lay lecture with my Mom and fellow new patients. During the presentation, his point of view on the body struck a chord with me. On that day, I knew I wanted to become a Chiropractor. Interestingly enough, my sister and brother-in-law are Chiropractors. It runs in the family!

LYC: Each patient and their treatment is unique. However, what’s one tip you frequently give to patients?

I often find myself explaining the importance of posture and shoulder position with patients. Good, strong posture improves your image, promotes better self-confidence and helps avoid health complications like back aches, back pain and poor circulation. Let’s face it, we’re constantly hunched over looking at our iPhones. Everyone seems to have sore shoulders! The simple tip is: keep your shoulders down and back as if you’re standing very straight.

LYC: What do you love most about your job?

It’s an awesome moment when a patient realizes something about their body could change when they didn’t think a change was possible. I’ve met many patients who have a physical issue and were basically told to deal with it. I’ve helped patients overcome certain limitations which ultimately helps them lead a happier and more fulfilled life. It’s pretty amazing.