Everyone deserves an hour of “me” time to unwind every now and then. From deciding it’s time to treat yo self to the holy moment of walking into your massage, we’ve broken down the 10 steps of your favorite regiment.

1. Deciding it’s time to treat yourself. Why not? You deserve it

2. Calling to make your appointment

3. Deciding what kind of treatment you’d like to book

4. Recovering from the staggering list of options from Swedish to hot stone massage

5. Choosing your massage and sticking with it

6. Waking up knowing today it’s time for some pampering

7. Arriving at your massage

8. Taking in the scent of Zen, as you put on that heavenly spa robe infused with eucalyptus

9. Sipping your cucumber glacier water, as you wait to be taken back to your masseuse

10. Magic fingers appear to whisk you away…it’s showtime!

Whether it’s deep tissue, organic or prenatal, pick your luxury of choice and book a massage with us. We’re here to bring you a little less stress and a little more Zen.