As you settle into the second half of 2017, locateyourcare invites you to check out the newest prenatal trends!

Many women are choosing not to slow down or change their exercise regimes during pregnancy. Barre classes have joined the ranks of Pilates and Yoga as perfect forms of exercise for the expectant mother. As long as a physician is regularly consulted, that’s okay! Above all, healthy diet and exercise have proven health benefits for the expectant mother and child.

When it comes to pre-birth planning, baby concierges are a real thing—you can now hire someone to take care of all of your pre-baby needs from nursery decoration to doula selection. 3-D and 4-D ultrasounds are also increasing in popularity as a way for parents-to-be to gain a more detail-oriented idea of what their baby will look like. These ultrasounds are elective and are frequently performed in spa-like environments.

An interesting trend: despite the digital and technological age we live in, more women are choosing holistic methods and alternative delivery locations. The National Center for Health Statistics has reported that in recent years, midwives assisted in 6% more hospital births in the U.S. Hiring a midwife creates a more personalized and private experience for many expectant parents, whether the birth is taking place inside or outside of a hospital. Most mommies still choose a traditional hospital birth, which definitely has its perks. Many facilities are now wireless, creating a more comfortable environment for the mother-to-be.

Prenatal massage is one trend that isn’t new, but is tried and true. Massage therapy has been demonstrated to be highly effective during pregnancy in decreasing reports of depression, anxiety, leg and back pain. Additionally, cortisol levels go down leading to less fetal activity and a lower rate of prematurity. In a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), women who received massage therapy during labor experienced significantly less pain, and their labors were on average 3 hours shorter with lessened need for medication. The NCBI reports that the most common alternative therapies recommended during pregnancy are massage therapy (61%), acupuncture (45%), relaxation (43%), yoga (41%) and chiropractic therapies (37%).

Prenatal massage has fantastic medical benefits for both mother and child. Treat yourself to a prenatal massage and/or chiropractic visit through the locateyourcare app for a happy and healthy mom and baby!

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