Since the beginning of our relationship, the LocateYourCare team has been a pleasure to work with. When our partnership was established, my front office staff had many questions around the app’s features and functionality. The Team was patient and provided helpful training and information both over the phone and in-person. In addition, they covered important topics such as privacy, security and payment. We have found the app to be easy, intuitive and valuable.

Dr. Dale Enix, Cumberland Chiropractic

The LocateYourCare Team went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition onto their platform. They arranged for a brief training session, all of 5-10 minutes, and are readily available for questions. The app is free to use, zero on-boarding fees or usage charges. Ultimately, we are in control of the pings we accept or ignore. The booking process saves time and payment, upon appointment completion, is automatic. We have enjoyed being part of LocateYourCare and it’s proven to be a valuable and innovative.

Gigi Fernandez, The Buckhead Massage Company

How to Become a LocateYourCare Provider

  • Step 1: Request the provider sign-ups forms by emailing [email protected]

  • Step 2: Return the completed the forms to LocateYourCare

  • Step 3: The LocateYourCare Provider Experience team will verify your credentials and contact you for a quality review. They will then also guide you through the following steps

  • Step 4: Download the LYC Provider app

  • Step 5: Inside the app, enter the sign-up code provided to you during the quality review.