Backup Buddy

Automated Callout Solution

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If a provider is unable to work, then it could take hours to find a replacement; Wasting both time and money.


Quickly reach relevant providers in your network who can fill the opening, and receive their responses in real-time.

How Backup Buddy Works:

Add/Manage Roles

Create and manage all of the roles for your organization that you would like to manage through Backup Buddy.

Add/Manage A User

Store and manage all of the users in your network in an easy, convenient manner.

Schedule An Opening

Define the start and end times as well as the location for an opening that can be broadcasted to your network.

Fill An Opening

View user responses for an opening and you can take action where necessary.

No Login Necessary

Users are able to respond to your openings within a matter of seconds through a simple and intuitive interface.